The Cause of Clutter

New Year’s resolutions are often about improving the quality of one’s life – whether on a larger scale or on a daily basis. If you’re a homeowner, you know the responsibility and task of maintaining your home. If, like me, your New Year’s resolution is to keep your home more organized and get rid of unnecessary clutter, the first step is to determine what exactly is causing the clutter in your home. Decluttering is important for every homeowner, but if you plan on moving and selling your home this year, it’s even more critical to ensure the absence of clutter. Reducing clutter not only provides more square footage in a room, but helps show off the home’s positive features, while allowing buyers to visualize living in the space. It starts with finding a home for everything, learning to let go, and scheduling a time to actually get it all done. But reducing the amount of clutter in our home this year, is totally doable and will make your daily life that much more manageable – giving you time to do fun things with your year!


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