Hide and Seek

I don’t know about you but it seems like I am often trying to find clever ways to hide the unsightly in my home. And I don’t mean the occasional piles of laundry in the bedrooms or laundry room, the layer of dust that often coats my coffee table, or the artistic spiderwebs decorating the corners of the ceiling. I am talking about the unsightly that we don’t have much control over – those light switches, electrical outlets, and toilet roll holders that are placed where they are often times due to building codes or spacial limitations. Luckily, there are ways you can hide these eyesores that not only increase aesthetic value but make both logical and functional sense. These hacks will leave you with plenty of time to focus on, say, dusting the console table or that load of whites that’s been there since last Friday…


A Walk in the Park

A property’s “Walkability” rating has become quite a talking point. For many home shoppers, whether or not a home is in a walkable area is a new important factor when checking off the pros and cons of a listing. Walkability is essentially a measure of how friendly a property or an area is to walking. Factors include location, the presence or absence of quality sidewalks, proximity to local stores, cafés, and restaurants, and the safety of the neighborhood. Not only is walkability generally considered a positive due to notion of an area’s vitality but also due to the major health benefits that come from an active lifestyle. How important is walkability to you?

Stay Fresh in the Kitchen

It’s only human to get tired of things, activities, environmental surroundings, people…(half-kidding) but when it comes to your home, it’s important to note what you can do and change for a reasonable cost and effort versus what is better left alone. Keeping this in mind before purchasing or building a home is the best strategy, but often, our tastes change so frequently or with every season, that even the smallest changes to spaces we see every day in our home, like our kitchen, can make a huge difference. A little pop of color, a change to the backsplash, or changes in lighting can make just the impact you’re craving without causing a huge mess, costing a fortune, or giving you a headache.