How Much Does Size Matter?

With tiny homes recently trending, it might have got you thinking what’s the perfect home size for you? Of course, the answer varies according to lifestyle, family size, age, and personal preference, but in general, it’s worth considering all of the options. Is a home with lots of storage and extra rooms worth the additional cost? Is it useful to you to have extra rooms “just in case?” In 2013, the average home size in the U.S. was 1,800 square feet and the average size of homes built in 2014 hit 2,600 square feet, an all-time high that surpassed even the housing bubble years. Though in 2016, it seems that tiny homes, averaging anywhere under 500 square feet. are trending. Getting a complete understanding of how you’ll use your home will help you in determining the perfect size and keep you from going too big or too small. This article provides an interesting way to get an understanding of what your perfect home size might be.


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