Test of Endurance

Thinking and planning for the future can be a daunting task. Often times, we avoid doing so. When it comes to buying a home, however, it pays to consider the future and how your family will grow and change and with that, how your needs and the function of your home will likely change as well. This seems to be especially true of the aging crowd. According to a recent AARP study, 71% of adults aged 50-64 intend to stay in their current homes and communities. It’s a bonus if these homes and communities include some of the features that are important to this demographic such as proximity to hospitals, pharmacies, and public transportation and one-level living in their home. Downsizing is the usual solution but if people do desire to age in place, they must carefully assess a home when they buy in the first place and consider more than just the floor plan or the neighborhood. Assessing how all of these factors should function together for different scenarios will likely result in a ‘forever home.’

Manos entregando una casa

Manos entregando una casa


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