The Responsible Homeowner

Entering the ‘homeowner’ phase of one’s life carries with it much more than what’s seen at face value. Sure, you are the proud owner of your very own home and now possess the key to one of the best investments man can make. There are three additional responsibilities that come with homeownership that are worth looking into including household responsibilities, neighborhood responsibilities, and of course, the financial responsibilities.

Your household has become your domain and thus, you have both the freedom and the responsibility to make it the best it can be, from how your outdoor space performs for your family to more aesthetic and functional choices within the home’s layout, you are now in charge of how the home supports you and your family on a daily basis.

As a neighbor in the ‘hood, it is within your “neighborly duties,” to maintain your home’s appearance, follow the regulations of your HOA, and as a result, add critical value to your property and your neighborhood, pushing it to prosperity.

Though the financial responsibilities may not need an introduction, it’s important to note that making timely payments will increase your credit score, meaning you can take on more household projects like remodeling or buying furniture. One thing to keep in mind is that your debts should never exceed more than 40% of your income. The responsibility to maintain your financial standing is work, but well worth the effort.


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