Harder to Please…

Aren’t we women just picky, picky, picky…?! It’s often been said that as women, we tend to overthink our decisions and be extra picky when it comes to decisions on everything from purchases to partners. Well, according to a new survey by ValueInsured’s for the Modern Homebuyer, decisions in homebuying are no exception. According to survey results, women may need more reassurance and confidence in both the transaction and in the market before signing on the dotted line. The results show that women are less confident that the housing market is healthy and they they can afford the down payment, among other confidence worries. Additionally, what’s interesting, is that women show more desire to buy a home than men, but are overall, more hesitant to do so. Researchers attribute the confidence gap in housing between the genders as women’s tendency to be more debt-averse. Read more here to get a better idea of why women are a tougher sell than men.


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