The Million Dollar Question

Why? Everyone always wants to know why. Why did you make that decision you did? Why him? Why this one? Why orange and not blue? Why chocolate? (Because it’s delicious, duh). When it comes to home ownership, the why still remains. Why do Americans really buy homes? According to a recent study, the primary reason is that they want a place to call their own. Homeownership as an investment is also a top and persuasive reason. In this market, owning is cheaper than paying monthly rent and gives you a far better return on that expense. I will say that several of the findings in the study surprised me and seemed to be based in emotion rather than logic. What do you think of the findings?

The study also took note of how Americans defined homeownership, with “security” coming in on over half of the responses. You can find a brief recap of the study findings here. Share with us what your “why” is!



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