Help from HUD

This week in real estate, some uplifting news for low-income families arose! The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or more commonly known as HUD, has set aside more than $100 million in grants to aid low-income families in removing lead-based paint hazards in their homes. Lead-based paint is a common problem for many homes built before 1978 and exposure has been linked to a host of physical and mental health problems. That little one-page lead-based paint disclosure form in your contract is indeed a big deal.

Unsafe and unhealthy homes affect the health of millions of people of all income levels, geographic areas, and walks of life in the U.S. These conditions affect the economy directly, through increased utilization of health care services, and indirectly, through lost wages and increased school days missed.  The housing improvements that communities make using these grants will help prevent illnesses and injuries, reduce associated health care and social services costs, reduce absentee rates for children in school and adults at work, and reduce stress, all which help to improve the quality of life.

That’s a big win for homeowners everywhere!


50 Shades of Gray

Having a gray day may not be so bad…when we’re talking about the new “it” interior color choice for your home. Looks like gray is taking over – though white, ecru, and colors of the like continue to lead the pack, gray is becoming an increasingly-popular color choice when it comes to interior paint. The trick here is that gray can easily play well with other colors and provide a striking backdrop or contrast for a pop of bold color. In shades from soft silvers to dark charcoals, gray can make everything look modern and fresh and provide a subtle, yet interesting, background for a room. According to experts, what’s neat about grays is that they are actually a mix of other colors, giving them a unique chameleon-like quality – compatible with almost every other color and folding easily into every style of decor. So, go ahead – have a gray day!