It’s a Beautiful Day in the ‘Bestie Hood’

It’s one thing to live in a neighborhood near close friends but to build your own “hood” based solely on this principle might be filed under ‘impractical.’ However, a group of close friends in Austin, TX decided that this was just what they needed. These friends purchased enough land to build four cabins and a larger common building for shared accommodations.

Each couple’s 400-square-foot cabin cost $40,000 to build, while the 1,500-square-foot common building includes a kitchen, space for dinners and activities, and guest accommodations. What they have lovingly pegged as ‘Bestie Row,’ has inspired others across the country to consider “Bestie Hoods,” to maintain their friendships without sacrificing the need for marriage and family life. They have the ‘besties’ of both worlds in their tiny house compound.

Do you have a group of friends you would consider sharing a ‘Bestie Hood’ with?



Mass Curb Appeal

Let’s talk ‘curb appeal!’ Not everyone has it, but it’s easy enough to get it if you have the right Realtors (ahem!) and follow cues from this article. Easy aesthetic tricks can have a larger impact than you think…changing the lightbulbs can breathe new life into a room and make it instantly more appealing and energetic. Doing some minor painting – whether it’s touching up or changing the color completely – can make your home seem tidy and crisp, less dated, and bring a sense of warmth and personality to a room, making it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves in your home. The possibilities are endless – share with us what has worked for you!

Check out the fun video, too, here!


Master of the House

We’ve seen it firsthand…the woes of weighing the pros and cons of a Master bedroom on the first floor. Most often, a second floor Master seems most appealing: secluded from the hustle of the hub of the home, quiet, and for some, a better view. However, like most of us who don’t want to think about getting older, a lot of people don’t consider what a Master on the second floor could mean in 10, 20, or 30 years: stair-climbing, heating/cooling requirements, and accessibility.

This article examines the trend of main floor Master suites and some of the reasoning behind it. This is definitely one of the details of your new home that you want to consider beyond just the foreseeable future.