The Little Things

More often than not, it’s the little things that make a huge difference, am I right? We tend to focus on the big things and only later, realize that those little things hae a larger impact on whatever it is that we’re doing. When we’re helping clients buy a home, we are all focused on those big things like the mortgage application and approval, the price tag of the home, and the size, fit, or location of the home…however, remembering small details like a Master Bedroom on the 2nd floor may affect your ultimate satisfaction after you’ve moved in. This article outlines commonly overlooked little things that might have big repercussions after you’ve signed the papers, closed the deal, and moved your family in.

High ceilings = cleaning nightmare, anyone? Though impressive and appealing early on, living with those high ceilings may present an unwelcome chore…



Moving Motivations

Everyone has their own rhyme or reason for making the decision to pick up and move. We’ve heard it all: growing family, need more green space, downsizing, job, noisy neighbors…but where do the majority of Americans fall when it comes to their driving motivation? You might be surprised to hear that over half of Americans cite better weather as their main reason for uprooting. Sure, sometimes on these cold dreary Midwest winter days, I find myself dreaming of flip flops and sandy beaches, but that doesn’t necessarily find me packing up U-Haul boxes or anything. So, what would you say would be the main motivation for you to make a move? Would it in fact be the weather, or maybe something more rational like a job opportunity or family?


Mom’s the Word

As a mother to two devious boys, quickly growing into little men, I have to say that I am not only surprised but somewhat satisfied with the findings of this recent study: Americans like to live near mom. There’s comfort in knowing that maybe my boys won’t go running for the hills the first chance they get. With more millennials in position to buy, it seems that the matriarch of the family may have more of an influence in their decision than we all thought. According to the study, the average American lives only 18 miles from his/her mother. Even more, only 20% of Americans live more than a couple of hours from their parents. Take a look at the details and explanations of the study here – do you fall into the majority? I call this one a big win for mom!