A Friendly Reminder from Your Sharp Agents

Who would we be if we weren’t that little white angel on your shoulder popping up with helpful reminders? Sure, we might be your biggest pain in the neck, but it’s all for your own good. So, for the win, here’s another friendly reminder to budget for home repairs! 57% of recent home buyers say they encountered unexpected home projects within the first 12 months of moving into their new home, according to a new study by HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide. This statistic is astounding! You think with all of the long lines and red tape prior to your home purchase, that there should be nothing left to chance. But if you do a little budgeting beforehand, you’ll thank us later.




A Tale of One City: Rezoning

What happened this week in local real estate you ask? A much-anticipated and long-awaited rezoning decision on the development of the former Meadowbrook Country Club was approved! Though this has been a hot topic for months now, the redevelopment will consist of a senior living center and a mix of single-family lots, luxury apartments, twin-home units and a boutique hotel. The city plans to buy the remaining 83 acres of the former golf course for a public park. There are several details to be worked out and the park’s district board will have a final vote next week. However, it looks like this new development would be an excellent source of both tourism for the neighborhood and tax revenue to help repay the debt for the park land. What do you think of the redevelopment plans??